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The 'C's of change

We all want to feel better, be happier, and live a meaningful life. And yet when it comes to putting the required steps in place to navigate a different course, we sink further down into the sofa and dissolve into another hour of twitter, Facebook, Insta, repeat. This article looks at the ‘C’s of Change…some of the components you may be missing in your quest for the life of your dreams.

Curiosity: We kick off with curiosity. This entails an awareness of the self, of others and of the world around you. Now fun as it sounds, this also involves exploring the more negative aspects of our self, the manner in which we self-sabotage, our limiting beliefs. It also involves challenging our beliefs, ego and expectations about the world and the people in it.

Connection: Here we refer to connection to the self and connection to others. The consumer society and digitally dependent times we live in have left us completely separated from our core selves. We numb out, avoiding any difficult emotions or thoughts and have become accustomed to instantly gratifying any urge that arises. We function on autopilot, trudging through our days, living for the weekend. We are digitally wired yet emotionall disconnected, neglecting our relationships and missing out on vulnerability, communication and intimacy. The more connect we become to ourselves, the more in tune and empathetic we can be with others, creating more meaning with the people we care about

Creativity: We all have an inner genius, a part of ourselves that lays dormant waiting to be ignited by inspiration. However, the inspiration will not come from my social media feeds. We need to nurture our creative spirit by trying new experiences and immersing ourselves in nature, opening ourselves up to a life of learning. Find the things that light you up and do them as often as possible

Compassion: Change, evolving, transitioning, moving out of our comfort zone requires so much effort and it’s never a straight trajectory. Part of the beauty of the journey is the lessons we learn from the mistakes we make and the setbacks we experience. Forgiveness and acceptance of ourselves and of others is essential in not letting our obstacles get the better of us, instead seeing them as a potential for growth and knowledge

Courage: Old ways, no matter how dysfunctional or maladaptive can feel like the ultimate security blanket. Our brains will always choose predictable misery over the unknown of potential joy. Our fears can be so subtle that we are convinced they are reality and moving beyond them takes tremendous perseverance and bravery.

Consistency: Small consistent steps can feel frustratingly slow in a world of fast, visible results and yet the most important achievements on built on maintainable subtle changes that grow into lifelong habits.

Commitment: It’s your life. If you want it to look different, you have to do things differently. You can choose to tell yourself the same stories, repeat the same cycles, stagnate and then wonder why you feel a void. Or you can commit to taking action, to becoming conscious, to taking ownership, to heal your past, live your present and create your future.

So there you have it…pay attention, create intention and take action!

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