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Do you flourish or merely function?

Do you feel like you’re living your life or are you merely existing on a hamster wheel of tolerating each day, living for momentary lifts from the monotony? Do you feel excited by each day ahead or do you trudge through, wishing time away? Do you feel like life is happening to you or for you? However, your sense of life satisfaction doesn’t lie in your external circumstances, it lies in your internal experience.

When it comes to creating a purposeful, fulfilling life, more often than not, we are holding ourselves back. Our levels of self-sabotage can be so subtle they pass beneath our radar. Unresolved emotional trauma, cognitive biases, self-limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and low overall self-worth can abolish all of the potential we hold within. And sadly, we often fail to even become aware of the myriad of ways we hold ourselves back. Consumer culture sends powerful misleading messages as to where happiness lies. Technology provides more mediums for avoidance and addiction than ever. Society tells us that the answer lies in our physicality and monetary success. And as a result, we are blinded to the core issues which are a lack of self-awareness, lack of self-acceptance and a void of purpose and connection.

Mental health problems are on the increase. People are functioning at incredibly high levels, exceling in many aspects of their lives; and simultaneously crumbling internally. And yet, we find it so hard to admit that we’re unhappy or struggling, as though by saying it out loud, we somehow admitting shameful failure. We continue to show up to our lives on the days we struggle to get out of bed, all the time feeling more disconnected and distressed. We hide our struggle through a sense of guilt, embarrassment, isolation and confusion. And yet openly admitting to needing help, to wanting a better way of life, is the first step to actually achieving it.

My work with clients involves recognising aspects of their life that isn’t working for them and identifying the reasons why. From there, we look at the source of maladaptive thinking and behaviours and develop self-awareness of ways in which they may be self-sabotaging. We then work at healing the internal world that can skew the way they perceive reality. Finally, we develop the skills, self-acceptance and compassion required to change the patterns of a lifetime and create the life they desire.

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