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Curiosity, creativity, connection & courage - how to reawaken your intuitive, woowoo genius!

Intuition. Gut feelings. Curiosity. Creativity We all have them in spades. And yet we seem to be determined to do our very best to shut it them down. We live in a logical, technological era with a focus on individualism and success and anything that cannot be scientifically proven or economically quantified tends to be met with a general level of scepticism. We’re fast losing our ability to tap into our intuition, curiosity and creativity. Consumer culture means we are continuously being informed how to think, what we should feel , what our lives should look like. Digital dependency means we rarely look up from our screens, never mind give ourselves time to tap into what our internal guides are telling us. We’ve also abandoned our curiosity, the birthplace of our creativity. And consequently, our potential magic lays dormant

Whilst intuition requires a careful balance with rational when it comes to making the bests choices for our lives, we need to practice using it in order to benefit from it’s insights and guidance. So how can we claim it back? To practice intuition in a world that prioritises logic over emotion is challenging but do-able. The first step is learning to put faith in yourself; faith in your feelings, faith in an unknown drive. This involves developing self-confidence through a journey of self-awareness and self-acceptance. You have to be quiet enough to listen, which is something we struggle with in a life dull of distraction, avoidance and instant gratification. Pay attention to your body…those butterflies or gut wrenches have powerful messages in them. Release negative emotions as these will cloud your judgement; never make a decision when you thoughts are resentful or bitter. Be selective about who you spend time with. Some people will enrich you, others will drain you making it harder to hear your inner guide so choose carefully. Prioritise solitude and time to self-connect, reflect, practice mindfulness and tune into the self. Likewise, practice empathy by connecting with others and tuning into their emotional state through body language, tone and energy.

If you’re really struggling to tap into your internal insight, try using the following approach. When looking at making decisions, define your options by the potential for growth, and the ability to serve both you and others. Learn to decipher what you are choosing by default because you are not changing and also what you are choosing for approval of others.

Learn to clarify the reasons you are holding back on growth options. Do you have genuine reasons or is it simply fear of the unknown? Our brains job is to keep us alive; not worry about our purpose and it will always favour predictable misery over the uncertainty of potential joy. Consequently we often find ourselves tolerating unhappiness for far longer than necessary.

Once you have made a logical decision, commit and follow through. With a tyranny of choice available to us, the goalposts are always shifting which can leave us second guessing every decision we make, always anticipating something better. Push through your fear, which is just as likely to be exhilaration in disguise and take the risk.The standards of your life will automatically increase as you overcome hesitation, create self-awareness and become more entuned with purpose and how you can serve yourself and others.

A side effect of developing intuition is curiosity. When we become more self aware, we are forced to become more curious about ourselves, others and the world around us. We ask more questions, we wish to learn, to become informed. However our curiosity can be easily distracted if we don’t channel it. As opposed to being drawn to the novelty presented by social media and consumerism, seek rewarding knowledge. Get curious about yourself and the people in your life. Get curious about the things that will enrich your daily experience and inspire you. Choose interesting content as opposed to being presented passively with mindless newsfeeds. Learn to use the internet wisely. Ask questions and observe nature.

Cultivating awareness and openness will automatically feed into your innate creativity and help guide you to your purpose. Jot down your ideas and explore them as opposed to letting them just pass through your mind. Experience new inspiring environments regularly. Try something new frequently to challenge your mind and body. Incorporate play into your day, it doesn’t just keep you young, it keeps the mind active. Remember that you do not have to be original or perfect, you just have to be you. We all have a unique style to offer that sets us apart however we have to allow ourselves embody it which is challenging in a world that values conformity.

So what are you waiting for? Start unleashing your inner magic today!

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