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Resilience for the workplace win

Emotional resilience - the key to your success.

The value of emotional resilience is becoming more prevalent in workplaces; with the increased awareness of the role it plays in increasing productivity, improving staff morale, reduced mental health and stress related absenteeism and enhancing general workplace mood becoming increasingly apparent. There is significant onus on employers to create a nurturing culture that values for personal development, communication and realism. However the employee also has a responsibility to play in regulating their stress levels. Adopting practices that improve emotional resilience will improve your mental, physical and emotional health with the added benefit of improving all of your relationships, your work performance and your overall wellbeing. So how do people with higher emotionally resilience come about this quality?

  • Self acceptance is crucial. Acknowledge and work on both strengths and weakness in a compassionate manner.

  • Tune into your emotions and develop the vocabulary to express them. Learn to accept and regulate both positive and negative feelings

  • Avoid negative comparison in all aspects of life

  • Be optimistically realistic - Reach for the stars, but keep a back up plan. Accept that life is tough going for everyone.

  • Learn effective communication. Learn to express yourself, to actively listen and to practice empathy

  • Be flexible - Keep an open mind, a sense of humour and listen to other's perspectives. Consider all perspectives (including the possibility that your own is incorrect!)

  • Face your fears - Even if you make mistakes, you can still make use of the lesson and experience. Perfectionism is a waste of valuable energy and an indication of a closed mind

  • Practice self compassion and awareness - Accept you are part of a flawed humanity, everyone makes mistakes. Accept your situation and shortcomings and make the most of what you can.

  • Avoid over-identification with the problem - Sometimes in acknowledging our flaws, we get caught up in them. Own your mistakes, don't let them own you. Keep a distance between you and your shortcomings, they are not who you are.

  • Self care - Look after your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health.

  • Ask for help - Your team and mentors are there to support you, use them when you can

  • Ensure you enjoy your work - it's important to feel valued and this is more likely in a role you enjoy. Look for opportunities to use your own unique talents

  • Keep learning and set goals - challenge yourself with new ideas and concepts

  • Keep a sense of humour in decision making - it's usually not life or death so try to take it in context

This are all skills that can be developed and are an essential part of personal growth. So add value to your CV by focusing on the areas above and see how your career benefits

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