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As good as it gets?


It's amazing the level of mediocre we are willing to accept before we seek help in any area of our life. Debilitating mental and/or physical health, unhappy relationships, unfulfilling career and feeling, for the most part, completely detached from life as though it's is happening to us, not for us. I've been there and still find myself re-visiting from time to time. So what is it that keep us stuck in a rut? Why are we willing to accept any less that the best for ourselves? Some of the most common reasons people report are:

- Not feeling they justify treatment; they don't feel 'bad' enough

- Self-limiting beliefs from childhood that they don't deserve better

- A sense of shame in asking for help or in admitting your life isn't perfect

- A sense of safety. 'Better the devil you know' mentality

- Fear of change

- Fear of losing coping mechanisms that worked for us in the past; despite them no longer serving us

- Preferring to deal with issues with instantly gratifying 'band-aids' (e.g. addictive behaviours )

Challenging ourselves to shake up any aspect of our lives can be terrifying. There's such an enormous sense of uncertainty, a feeling we don't sit comfortably with. We tend to use denial to prevent us having to take action. However life is extremely short and you alone set the standard for your life and health.

Small steps towards change can reduce the intimidation factor whilst also giving you the confidence to keep going. Set your intentions and take ownership of your health, happiness and wellbeing.

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