Fiona Feeley

Your Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Wellness Professional

Helping you find peace, purpose and equanimity through empathetic exploration of emotions, thoughts and behaviours

Fiona is an emotional, mental and spiritual coach & counsellor who takes you on a journey of self-awareness, healing and fulfilment finding in an empathetic, yet challenging manner.  She uses an integrative approach which consists of the resolution of past issues and/or trauma through talk therapy, somatic identification and release and the development of essential and pragmatic life skills including self-acceptance and awareness, emotional resilience, communication skills and conflict resolution. She has experience in assisting with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relationship, and parental issues.

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Your Wellness In Your Hands

Fundamentals offers a unique opportunity to manifest the life you desire. The work involves a combination of resolving self-limiting beliefs established in childhood with challenging the resulting behaviours to create self-worth, self-responsibility, clarity and acceptance. This provides the solid foundation required to move forward towards a life of fulfilment and purpose.

Fiona works with clients on both a personal and professional capacity, helping them to move past mental obstacles, resolve inner conflict, build emotional resilience and improve all aspects of their lives. 


What’s Available

I work with every client or business on an individual basis, tailoring my services to specific needs. My goal is to empower all I work with to develop their true potential and find clarity, confidence and peace of mind. I focus on improving relationship and interpersonal skills, building emotional resilience and developing communication techniques.

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Fundamentally Speaking

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Networking Event

Fundamentally Corporate

Mental health/Wellness Talks

Fiona's talks are thought provoking and action orientated. She calls on her own personal experience and qualifications to give a frank and uplifting experience to any event


Using an integrative, solution focused approach, Fiona empowers clients using an empathetic and realistic manner to resolve sticking points in any aspect of life and create the life they desire

Corporate Wellbeing

Whatever your requirements, from motivational and resilience talks to stress tolerance skills, Fiona can compile an individualised program to suit your company's needs

'Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself'



Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland




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